Institute Facilities Hostels


Separate Hostel Blocks are provided to boys (2blocks) and girls (1) with all necessary infrastructural facilities within the campus itself  proffering homely atmosphere. Hostel accommodation is available and allotment is made following objective criteria with priority to foreign students and the candidates from outside the state. A written request alongwith the application needs to be enclosed. The maximum period of stay of a student in the hostel will be commensurate with the duration of the course. Presently, the institute can accommodate 300 students in single or double rooms -200 for boys and 100 for girls

  • Boys Hostels
There is provision of rooms for upto 200 boys in two different and adjacent blocks within the campus next to the dining canteen block.The hostels are well furnished with mattressed cots, linen and wardrobes for a comfortable living and ensuring peaceful private study in their academic interest. Boys HostelHostel facilities ensure all round and balanced development of pupils' personality with hygienic living conditions and modern amenities which takes care of all aspects of their growth and developmental needs. In the traditional environment the inmates of the hostel are  given parental care to each and all. Boarders are taught to live like an extended family in perfect harmony and affinity with all the residents of the campus.To keep the boarders engaged in a constructive manner, a host of co-curricular activities like debate, declamation, essay writing, quiz, public speaking are regularly organized, over and above the school activities. A well organized Canteen takes care of balanced diet requirements based on the principle that a healthy mind needs a healthy body. To sum up, it is a home away from home with round the clock utmost security provided by wardens, Housekeeping, telephone facilities and internet accessibility to ensure that pupil remain abreast with the on goings around the world.

  • Girls Hostel
Girls HostelGirl students are provided hostel accommodation in a securely separate block with round the clock security cover at the threshold to accommodate upto 100 occupants. All similar provisions given to boys are also provided to girl boarders with the ambience reminiscent of a natural home. Good attention is given to every detail of their requirements by the wardens in charge. Particular care is taken to provide nutritious and hygienic food to all.

The following facilities are provided in the hostels :
  • Well-furnished Convenient rooms
  • Good Drinking  water is supplied in the hostels for drinking purposes
  • Uninterrupted supply of water and electricity
  • Each hostel is provided with recreation halls for Television viewing
  • Assistant Wardens are available for consultation and guidance
  • Solar Water Heaters are provided to ensure that hot water is provided to all Hostellers round the clock.