Events Calendar Management Week Celebration's (01st - 06th Aug 2014)

Management Week Celebration's (01st - 06th Aug 2014)

Celebrating a management week from 01st - 06th Aug 2014. Various activities are being conducted, relevant to the society - building more social awareness among the people. The director introduced the faculty to the national management week an initiative of AIMS. All activities are being undertaken and coordinated by the faculty members and have been prepared by the students’.

01st Aug :

  • A lecture on awareness about hygiene for school children from less privilege background and exposure to National Institute. Coordinators – Dr. Niraj Gohil & Mr. P. Vemana.

02nd Aug :

  • A clean India activity by visiting Qutb Shahi tombs. Coordinators – Mr. G. Mahender Reddy, Mr. Denish Pegu & Mr. Yatender Singh Gusain.

03rd Aug :

  • “TOURIST FRIENDLY AUTO” stickers will be distributed across the city. Coordinators – Mr. Anand Banda & Dr. D.Maheshwar Reddy.
  • Familiarization of Indian Culture to Foreign students. Coordinators – Mr. KN Lokesh Kumar, Mr. PS Sridhar & Mr. Anand Bethapudi.

04th Aug :

  • Awareness programme on traditional arts and crafts Coordinators – Ms. R. Vijaya Lakshmi & Ms. Michelle J Francis.
  • Tree plantation in the campus. Coordinators – Mr. RSKKS Raju, Ms. Mary Srinivas.

NITHM invites all Foreign Students who are studying in Hyderabad to participate in a workshop on the "Familiarization of Indian Culture" Date: 03rd Aug at 02:30 pm. For details contact : 8500344686 or 9666360961