Vision & Mission


  • To scale Zenithal heights of success and achievement and in benchmarking international standards in hospitality related management education, human resources development, rolling out specialists in multifarious sectors like travel and tourism, culinary and catering, food and beverage, nutrition and salubrity, event and ecology management AND to make its culminated contribution to transform the world a FUN - TASTIC¬† place to live in.

  • To be an epitome of excellence in tourism and hospitality education, training, consultancy and research

  • To cater to the training needs of managerial and supervisory levels in the industry sectors and for their guidance and assistance

  • Impart in-service training for practicing managers in Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the tourism facilities and service centres

  • To associate itself and work in tandem with international agencies in developing and benchmarking standards in Tourism and Hospitality Management



To instill necessary pep and zeal among the students and trainees to help develop a flair for management education and augmenting the pool of human resources sub-serving Tourism and Hospitality divisions by rolling out well groomed multi skilled masters who continuously seek to improve the relevance and quality to meet the industry needs and through interface to all sectors and facets of human endeavour