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EARTH  Emerging  Aspects  Redefining  Tourism  and  Hospitality  is  an  initiative  of Dr. Y.S.R.  Reddy NITHM as  Half-yearly Journal. This  Journal is aimed  at providing valuable insights to the tourism and hospitality industry .

In an era of globalization, liberalization and innovation, tourism & hospitality institutes in India have a huge responsibility to meet the changing trends and challenges. Several reputed institutes in India are constantly training themselves to sustain and grow in  this dynamic environment. Changing students profiles and high industry expectations have made it imperative for tourism and hospitality educational institutes to constantly update themselves in all aspects of training and development. This journal is an effort in that direction.


This  journal will  not  only  help in  understanding  various  dimensions of  the  industry but will also encourage innovation and creativity which is an important part of tourism and  hospitality  sector.  EARTH  gives  top  priority  to  the  areas  where  the  scientific  research methods are applied to test the existing theories and build new insights and brings  out  new  arguments.  This  Journal  is  to  bring  out  research  based  articles,  case studies, book reviews, Interviews with top CEOs of  Hospitality and Tourism related activities  etc. 

I  wish  that  this  Journal  "EARTH"  will  inspire  both  the  experts  in  the  industry  and aspiring professionals and also to encourage to contribute their views in the form of articles, essays and reviews, so that together we can effect the change that we wish to in this field.

Chairperson & D.G.,