Hallmark of Indian Heritage of Hospitality

connotes that a GUEST on our precincts is an august arrival venerable like God. From times immemorial, it has been the cult and concern of the people of this Holy land of India. And a SOVEREIGN CONCERN of the Republic of India as well. HOSPITABILITY is our habit and identity.

(Mehamaan jo hamaara hota hai woh jaan se pyaara hota hai)

A guest is more endearing and important than even life for us

Another area of STATE CONCERN is Tourism for it is associated with the sustainable development and exploitation for social utility of its national heritage, monuments, places of historic importance, wonders of wildlife and wilderness and natural tracts and spots of scenic grandeur and picturesque pulchritude while at the same time ensuring its conservation.

From out of such dual concern, shared by the twin participation and support in terms of fund and facilitation of the Governments of Indian Union and that of the state of Andhra Pradesh sprang to life an offspring with the appellation ' National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management ' later renamed "Dr. Y.S.R. NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT". Efforts for formation of this Institute under A P Societies Registration Act fructified at the turn of this millennium recognising the need for preparing in adequate numbers of trained and well groomed professionals and personnel in the domain of tourism, hotel and hospitality sectors likely to witness exponential demand vis -a- vis tardy momentum in supply. From the day when it was formally inaugurated on 16 March 2005 by the Congress President Mrs Sonia Gandhi our prodigious Institute is gaining from strength to strength and reaching new milestones of progress in its commitment to play the pioneering role in the field of providing education, training, consultancy, extension, research and development services to the specified sectors under the umbrella of Tourism and Hospitality Industry. With a global outlook, perception and preparedness powered by concern and commitment.


HOSPITALITY besides being an act of meek reception and entertainment has been veritably conferred the status of an industry in view of its vast potential of generating mass employment and to lavishly contribute to the National income and GDP. And a subject of Science for purposes of study with ever growing ramifications and new definitions and newer concepts. Two decades into the open sky policies, reformative process and voyage towards globalization of our economy India is poised to play key global roles being now looked upon as an already developed nation and an emerging super power. A cynosure destination for all purposes like bilateral trade, scientific and research studies, educational and professional pursuits, business exchanges, global transfers, travel and tourism, etc. India is expected to make a rich haul of foreign tourists, exchange and investment. Contemporaneously, the increased income levels, burgeoning business movements, accelerated aspirations, zooming preferences and tastes of the native folk too are all set to exert an insatiable demand pressure for the services and products of this industry which creates plentiful opportunities and bountiful promises and vacancies in all cadres of executive, management, supervisory and junior positions in India and abroad. Setting new international standards as the benchmark and requiring one to steer clear in a competitive world in order to progress and prosper.


TOURISM, of late, has become a rising phenomenon with the people across the world developing a penchant for visiting places, making new discoveries of the planet and enjoying to their heart's content while gaining new experiences and pleasure. With the spread of education, resources, wealth and technology people have begun to include pleasure trips as part of entertainment constituting the essentials of life. It is an upstart industry that has now diversified not just to cover business and leisure travel but also niche products like eco tourism, medical tourism, wellness tourism, heliport tourism, adventure tourism, cruise tourism, and caravan tourism etc. in addition to religious, cultural and social travel. Tourism in India has developed its own brand. Considering its contribution to the economic development as an instrument of generation of employment, national income and foreign exchange earnings this sector was given special treatment and greater fillip through budget provisions, innovative approaches in the Policy documents, tax holidays, relaxed norms for bank loans, special incentives, general / recession-specific subsidies and sops etc. Tourism not only results in consequential development of the infrastructure of the destinations but also stimulates other economic sectors like agriculture, horticulture, poultry, handicrafts, transport, communication, real estate, other service sectors thus helping in their optimum utilisation of capacity and resources to the country's advantage and creating sustainable models of growth through backward and forward linkages and cross sectoral synergies. All that is enough vindication that the industry is all set to a heady upswing to reach soaring levels in future holding impressive growth potential and creating tremendous opportunities on many fronts.


HOSPITALITY & TOURISM Sector with its human factor and humane touch has no threat perception of incursion from the technology domain in terms of manpower replacement and substitution because by its very nature the former deals with personal service to guests and customers who cannot be so served by gadgets, equipment or machines. Hence job shrinkage on that count is to be ruled out and the prospects are always proliferately positive.